ANGRY SKULL - Men's Beard & Facial Cleansing Tool Set [Natural Badger's Hair]

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"Shave with Confidence"

The ANGRY SKULL™ was designed for barbers and stylists to easily brush away those pesky hairs from the neck and shoulders after a cut.

The soft, Natural hair is comfortable on the client’s skin, and the sturdy PP handle with its flat bottom allows for easy stand-up storage.

Step up your shaving game right away with our Original Shaving Kit for home use and Barbershops. Make that daily ritual so much more pleasing, healthier, and rewarding.

The benefits of using a safety razor, brush, and the right soap are numerous and vast. It will not only help you to achieve a closer and better shave but it will do it in the least damaging way possible for your face and skin.



  • Material (Brush): Badger's hair
  • Size (Brush): Approx. 10.8*3.5cm
  • Weight: 64.4g
  • Material (Soap Bowl): Stainless steel liner
  • Size (Soap Bowl): Approx. 7.5*7cm
  • Weight: 180.7g


Skull Barber neck brush has very soft badger hair and won't stimulate your skin.

PP handle is durable and comfortable for daily use.

The Skull shaving bowl is made from high-quality stainless steel liner, sturdy and practical.

A Skull shape design is a trendy fashion, for hip-hop culture, it’s a beautiful bubble cup that will add an artistic touch to your working place.

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