BUDDHA - Razor Hair Trimmer

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"Hairstyling is just getting more Fun"

No need for a barbershop to make your favorite haircut!!

Save time and money and do your haircut yourself or with the help of a friend!

#1 Original Best Seller Buddha® Razor Hair Trimmer has close-cutting trimmers that you need for any design of detailed work on your hair, beards, and mustaches.

Constant speed technology, No Dragging, or Stalling through heavy and thick hair types!

Why choosing our products?

Our products can be directly charged by USB, and most of these types of hair clippers on the market are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which are too complicated to use and are not easy to carry.

#1 Best Seller used by many Barbershops in the USA, Buddha™ Razor Hair Clipper is recognized as one of the best on the market.

Precise, close trims & detail-specific performance for perfect hairstyles, beards, & mustaches!

Consistent, reliable, strong power for easy, fast charging & effective, focused trimming!

Convenient, hand-held tool shape with a comfortable ergonomic design that is cordless for freedom to move!

Safe, simple-to-clean components, with a curved-angle surface & wear-resistant carbon-steel materials!

Versatile cutting & shaving options to create a clean-cut look or wildly creative shapes & vivid details!

Economical: Say goodbye to hairdressing sessions for simple touch-ups, now you can do it yourself easily!

Innovative frequency conversion motor, 20000 rpm, powerful power, fast hair cutting, save a lot of hair cutting time.

1200mah large-capacity lithium battery can be used for nearly one month after charging for 1.5 hours.

Smart USB charging control chip, direct charging, avoid the trouble of using a battery. Intelligent charging control, red light during charging, the red light turns to green light after charging.

The high-strength Titanium Alloy cutter head has higher mechanical strength and longer service life.

The unique industrial design and excellent laser engraving process create an extraordinary visual impact.

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