RIHATSU KÕMU - Multi Colors Professional Anti-Static Combs - Barbers & Salons

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"Special Combs For Salons"

RIHATSU KÕMU comb is designed to provide precise trimming and smooth drag-free combing, it offers you the necessary control for superior hair care.

Designed for all usages, hair types, hairlines, scalp sensitivities, and of course for all preferences, this comb will work like a wonder on any hair type.

Suitable for better carry out hair cutting, hair dying, and daily self hair-dressing, it adds a brilliant shine and luster to dull hair, leaves your hair smooth and silky soft, on top of that your scalp will be healthier.


Color: Black, White, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow

Materials: Anti-Static Plastic

Size: 18cm*2.8cm*0.5cm

Weight: 10g

Packing Includes

(1) RIHATSU KÕMU - Professional Anti-Static Comb

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